Bouquet Top Tips!

Laura Calderwood

Bouquet top tips!

Wedding bouquets play an important part on your wedding day, they help set the tone and tie in your colour scheme, as well as completing your bridal look. This article is full of gorgeous, floral inspiration and top tips for looking after your bouquet on the day!

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  • Bouquets are usually kept in water right up until you walk down the aisle. Remember to keep a tea towel handy to dry the stems before you hold them to avoid water staining as you carry them down the aisle!


  • For the best photos hold bouquets at belly button height and tilted slightly forward. Florists will often put a pin in the ribbon around the stems to signify which is the right way up to hold your bouquet.


  • Brides, remember to ask someone to take your bouquet from you when you get to the end of the aisle. It can then be placed onto the ceremony table whilst you are signing the register, and you can take it from there so you are ready to exit the ceremony!
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  • It is always a good idea to bring vases for both the brides and bridesmaids bouquets to go into after the ceremony, they can even be used as table centre pieces or additional venue decor.


  • If you are missing someone special on your wedding day, a lovely way to have them close by is to attach a photo charm, heirloom or something belonging to your loved one to your bouquet.
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  • The bouquet toss has been a British tradition for hundreds of years, however it is an activity that is seen less and less at modern day weddings. If you do want to do a bouquet toss, ensure you have plenty of single guests so no one feels awkward, and if you don’t want to risk damage to your bouquet then perhaps throw a bridesmaids bouquet, or a dummy bunch of flowers!


  • Can’t bear to part with your beautiful bouquet? Why not opt for dried flowers so you can keep them forever, or have your real bouquet dried, pressed or set in resin to preserve the memories forever.
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