How To Have Your Wedding Cake!

How to have your Wedding Cake!

Weddings are full of traditions, including the cutting of a ‘wedding cake’. In this post we will answer some common questions surrounding wedding cakes, starting with when to cut them and where they should be set up…

When should we cut our cake?


The most commonly asked question is when to have your cake cutting. Whilst this is completely up to you, there are a few points in the day that are suited to this.


1. During your Drinks Reception

For couples that would like to tick this task off early in the day, cutting the cake during your Drinks Reception means you don’t have to worry about it later on and your photos will be done whilst it’s still light.

Cutting it during this time is often necessary if you are having it served as dessert, as it allows your caterers enough time to cut and present your cake.

Choosing to serve your wedding cake as dessert is a great way to ensure it all gets eaten, and may even save you a few pennies!

Where to set it up: In the Entrance


2. After you enter the Dining Room

Most couples choose to be announced into the Dining Room after all guests have been seated. Once the applause dies down, this is a great time to cut your cake as guests wait for their first course.

Depending on how much time your caterers need, this can also be an option if you are having your cake served as dessert.

If you are graced with a scorching hot wedding day, then you may want to think about cutting your cake earlier in the day to prevent it melting.

Where to set it up: In the Dining Room


3. At the end of your Speeches

Whether your speeches are before or after your meal, cutting your cake straight after makes sense as all your guests are in one place, and paying attention. It also means the final speech giver can make the announcement.

Where to set it up: In the Dining Room


4. After your Wedding Breakfast

If you are having your Wedding Cake as an addition to your day, rather than serving it as pudding, then you can choose to cut it at the end of your Wedding Breakfast. This is a good option if you are keen to get guests to move back through to the Main Bar ahead of your Evening Reception. However, be aware that some eager guests may have already started to wander off…

Where to set it up: In the Dining Room


5. Before your First Dance

If you want to have your cake on display for as long as possible before cutting it, or would like your evening guests to see the cutting of the cake, then doing it just before your First Dance is a great option.

Just make sure that your caterers are still around to cut it up for you!

Where to set it up: In the Entrance

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How many people should our wedding cake feed?


It is not necessary to buy a cake to serve all of your guests, unless you choose to serve it as dessert. We recommend ordering a cake that serves roughly 75% of your guests, as not all of them will choose to have some, especially those that are busy dancing!


Wedding cake top tips…


– Remember to bring platters, napkins and a cake knife if you want to serve your cake to guests!

– We advise asking your caterer in advance if they will cut your cake, so that they can make sure they have staff available to do this for you!

– Try to avoid buttercream or semi naked cakes if you plan on cutting your cake later in the day and you are getting married in the summer months, as they are prone to melting and leaning if left out in the heat for too long.

– Bring ‘cake-away’ boxes if you want less cake to go to waste, that way guests can take away a slice with them at the end of the night – this could also act as a replacement to wedding favours.

– Your cake topper is a chance to bring some personal touches into your day, some couples choose to have their pets included on their cake topper or personalised figures that can make a great talking point for your guests. Just look at the incredible cake below which featured so many personal details!

– Do you want your cake cutting to be a big moment in your day? Why not hire in a neon sign, or fun backdrop to make a more fun photo opportunity!

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Do we have to have a wedding cake?

No, it is completely up to you, it is your wedding day after all! Some of our couples that have chosen not to have a traditional cake have opted for fun alternatives instead…



One creative couple ordered custom brownie cake pops to go in the Brambles and Mojitos they ordered for their cocktail hour.


A Cheese Cake

Perfect for those looking for a more savoury option, we love cheese tower ‘cakes’! These can double up as evening food as it doesn’t need to be cut by your caterer, your guests can just help themselves!


Brownies, Cupcakes or Traybakes

Not keen on have a full, three tiered cake or a formal cake cutting but still after something sweet? Why not have a stand of brownies, cupcakes or even a doughnut wall?

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