It’s not ALL about the dress!

It’s not ALL about the dress!

Well, obviously it is ALL about the dress, but we just really wanted to share some of our other favourite outfit add-ons and ideas from recent weddings.

1. The Shoes

After checking out the dress, we all look towards the brides’ shoes…

Some brides go for more traditional, white heels (some with pearls, lace or bows!) but we have an array of colourful shoes, trainers and even boots at Thirsk Lodge Barns!

One top tip is to kick off high heels before dancing and get into something comfy so that you can dance the night away blister free! Also by providing flip flops for your guests you are really encouraging a busy dance floor. Our VIP room is the perfect place for a quick change into more comfier footwear, but also to hang up a veil, bustle your dress and touch up your make up!

2. Hair Accessories

Some of our gorgeous brides have styled up their look with some incredible hair accessories – which works super well if you decide not to wear a veil, or if you want something in your hair after you have taken your veil off.

A crown of flowers always works so well, especially in Spring and obviously bows are a gorgeous addition if you choose to wear your hair down.

Some brides change their look in the evening; check out the gorgeous Rachel below with her white and gold flower crown which she wore once she had taken her veil off.

3. Jackets, Shrugs and Sleeves

For those worried about getting cold once the sun has gone down, or for Autumnal/Winter weddings, some of our brides have chosen to wear some gorgeous jackets and shrugs which really compliment their dresses and which looks so cool in photos!

The other option is to go for a dress with sleeves, for a little extra warmth against the cold whilst not adding an actual jacket or shrug to your look.

One of our creative brides even made her own denim jacket – stylising it with the words ‘Crazy in Love’ on the back. (And if you love it, get in touch and we can share her details as she has now set up a business making them! Oh, and if you also love her earrings – she makes them too!).

4. The Guys

We have had some incredibly gorgeous grooms recently, wearing everything from tailored suits, morning dress, black tie and even military uniform. We also love it when a groom chooses to go for a coloured suit, don’t you love the green on the groom in the photo below!

Also don’t forget that you can jazz up a suit with a buttonhole, and its so lovely to tie the groom’s outfit in with the bridal party.

We have had lots of grooms use the VIP room to change into trainers, out of jackets or even into traditional wedding outfits of different cultures. We even had a groom be forced into a Greatest Showman tailcoat when his new bride surprised him with some uncover singing waiters!

We cannot wait to see what our gorgeous couples wear at our upcoming weddings, and if you have seen anything a little different on either brides or grooms – do let us know as we love to inspire couples who are a little unsure on what ‘extras’ to add to their outfits!