Which tables should we choose for our Wedding Breakfast?

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Which tables should we choose for our Wedding Breakfast?

We often get asked for advice on table choice, and layout in our Dining Room so we have gathered inspiration from previous weddings and coupled them with useful information so you can decide what works best for you!

Table plans are a notoriously difficult part of wedding planning, there are often family and friendship dynamics to consider, as well as the practicality of things such as how many guests fit around a table and sharing board style meals.

At Thirsk Lodge Barns, our couples have a choice of round tables, rustic trestle tables, or a mix of both for their Wedding Breakfast.


A more traditional choice, our round tables can be dotted around the Dining Room, easily fitting in between our original brick pillars. Suited to classic weddings, they lend themselves well to more formal, plated style Wedding Breakfasts. Round tables are also perfect for those wanting statement centrepieces!

The rounds pair well with a straight top table, or you can choose to have a round top table instead. Couples that have chosen to sit on a round usually opt to sit in the middle of the room which means they get to chat to more of their guests.

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The details…

  • They comfortably seat between 8 – 11 guests (Although 7 and 12 also work!)
  • They are 6ft rounds, and require 120” table cloths
  • Thirsk Lodge Barns do not provide table linen so you would need to hire this in

Example layouts…

Seats 64 to 96
Seats around 80
Seats up to 129


Our gorgeous, hand-made wooden trestle tables offer a relaxed alternative to the formal round tables. They seat three guests down each side, and as guests are seated closer together they offer just as much of a social aspect as their round counterparts.

Long tables lend themselves well to sharing board feasts, as guests can reach the middle of the table easily.

For those not wanting to spend a lot on decor, then rustic trestles do not need table linen, and as there is less space in the middle they don’t need huge centrepieces.

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The details…

  • They comfortably seat 3 people down each side
  • Each trestle is 6ft x 3ft
  • Their lovely, rustic wooden tops mean that they do not need table cloths however you can hire some in if you would like

Example layouts…

Seats 80
Seats 84
Seats 134


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Not everyone opts for a top table, however the most popular (and most traditional) layout is to have round tables, with a long top table. Don’t let its popularity put you off, it is a winning formula!

However, if you are looking for something a little different then why not shake things up and go for long tables with a round top table? Having a circular top table in the centre of the room makes a great focal point, and allows you to sit with your nearest and dearest without feeling like all eyes are on you.

Top table tips…

  • We advise not having more than 10 seated at a long top table as we are restricted by the pillars
  • The traditional order of guests on a top table from left to right goes Maid of Honor, Groom’s Father, Bride’s Mother, Groom, Bride, Bride’s Father, Groom’s Mother, Best Man
  • If you don’t want a top table, then don’t have one. It is your wedding, do it your way!
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Example layouts…

Seats 82/84


Weddings are busy days, for most couples this is the first time all of their family and friends have been in once place. If you are wanting to factor in some time for the two of you, then why not opt for a sweetheart table?

This means that you sit on a table for two, and enjoy your wedding breakfast together, taking in your special day.

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