What our Wedding Coordinators do for you

What our Wedding Coordinators do for you

From the moment you book your wedding at Thirsk Lodge Barns, our team of experienced Wedding Coordinators are on hand to help you through the planning process.

We can recommend local suppliers, advise on decorations, help plan the timings of the day and we can even show your suppliers around the venue if you can’t arrange a time that suits you both.

With years of experience, we are here to answer all of those ‘not-so-sure’ questions!

The Day Before


We will be there on your setup day to help make sure things run smoothly, and on time.

Before you arrive, the team will have your ceremony chairs laid out, and tables and chairs set out in the Dining Room. If we have your table cloths, we will put them on and lay out the wine glasses which means you just have the fun bits to do!

We will also get out any of our optional hire items ready for your arrival.

We will help with coordinating suppliers, laying out place names, folding napkins, lowering the rings for you to dress them, putting up wedding signs, arranging guests book stations, sweet tables and more; the list is endless!

If you are getting married onsite then we recommend doing a rehearsal at the end of your set up day. This is an opportunity for whoever is walking down the aisle to practice with your chosen music. Your Wedding Coordinator will advise on timings, as well as offer useful tips to make the ceremony go as smoothly as possible. This usually helps to ease any nerves on the day too!

Your Wedding Day


We are incredibly proud that the main thing our couples say to us after their wedding is how they didn’t have to worry about anything on the day, and how helpful our Wedding Coordinators and team had been.

Your Wedding Coordinators use the information from your Planning Meeting, and ask questions before the big day so we can run the day as smoothly as possible. This means you can relax, let us take control and enjoy one of the best days of your life!

Below are some of the things your Coordinators will do on the day to ensure it runs seamlessly, a few of which we hope you won’t even notice;


Liaising with suppliers

We liaise with all of your suppliers when they arrive. Most suppliers only arrive on the morning/day of your wedding when you are both busy, so we welcome them in, show them around and let them know where to set up. We will keep your ‘on the day’ suppliers updated on timings, this means your caterer knows when to serve canapés and your photographer doesn’t miss any key moments!

If you are getting ready in our onsite accommodation, your wedding coordinator will pop over in the morning and check you are ok. We can also bring you photos and updates of what is happening in the venue so you can relax and enjoy getting ready.


Greeting Guests

When your guests start arriving, your Wedding Coordinator will greet them in the Main Entrance, show them where to put any cards or gifts, and guide them into the Bar area.

Not sure how to put your button holes on? There is no need to worry as our Wedding Coordinators are almost professionals at securing buttonholes now. Just remember not to squash the flowers when hugging your friends and family!

If you are having a registrar led ceremony, then we will greet the registrars and take them into the VIP room ready to meet you both individually before the ceremony.


Your Ceremony

Around 15 minutes before your ceremony, your Wedding Coordinator will ask your guests to take their seat in the Ceremony Barn.

One of the main privileges of being a Wedding Coordinator is being in the VIP room with the bridal party. We coordinate your ceremony to ensure that the doors are opened in time with your music to give those heading down the aisle the perfect entrance.

Whilst you are in your Ceremony, we will get the confetti ready, and let the Bar team know when to pour your reception drinks.

As guests come out of the Ceremony Barn, we will hand them confetti and assist your photographer in getting everyone in position for the best confetti shot!


Behind the Scenes

As well as being front of house, topping guests drinks up and helping with anything you might need, the majority of your Wedding Coordinator’s tasks take place behind the scenes.

They do all those little jobs that you might not even notice, such as lighting candles before your ceremony and in the Dining Room before your Wedding Breakfast. We can move any flowers from the ceremony room that you would like to reuse into the other areas of the venue, so that you can make the most of your stunning arrangements!

We make sure that any bouquets are placed in water when they are not being used to they stay as fresh as possible, don’t worry though, we make sure to dry them off before giving you them back so no outfits end up with water marks.

If you have any decor that you would like putting out for the evening, we can do this for you while you and your guests enjoy your wedding breakfast, e.g. baskets of flip flops, marshmallows and smores kits, buckets of sparklers, hangover kits, etc.


Running the Day

Aside from all of the above, your Wedding Coordinators are key to the successful running of your wedding day as they keep track of timings, and make sure all those important moments happen when they are supposed to.

As they are all natural problem solvers, if anything on the day doesn’t quite go to plan, theres a good chance your Wedding Coordinator will have solved it before you, or your guests, know any different.

All this means that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

The Day After

Weddings are exhausting; after the months of preparation, the emotions, the early morning getting ready and the inevitable late night you may feel slightly overwhelmed and a little fragile the day after your wedding.

That is why your Wedding Coordinator will be back on hand the day after your wedding to make things as easy as possible.

We are around from 9am until 11am to help you find all of your belongings and pack them up, we gather everything onto two tables for easy collection. This doesn’t usually take very long, but we recommend not leaving it until the last minute to avoid any stress on your first full day of married life!