How to include your dog on your wedding day

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How to include your dog on your Wedding Day

At Thirsk Lodge Barns we understand that pets are like family members, and often couples would like them to be present on their special day!

We have had lots of gorgeous pooches visit us at the Barns, just look at the adorable bow ties and flower collars!

If you would like your dog to be there on your day then they are welcome to join you for your ceremony and a few photos after, however, we do ask that they leave before any canapés or food is served.

Laura Calderwood Photography
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If you have a well trained dog then why not give them the honour of ring bearer, just look at Merlin carrying the rings down the aisle in his basket in the photo above!

Whether your dog is heading down the aisle, or waiting at the front of the ceremony, we suggest making sure that they will be comfortable in that situation. It can be very overwhelming for them to be surrounded by so many people and lots of noise, if they have a tendency to get anxious or are easily over-excited then they might disrupt your ceremony.

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If you think your dog would be happier at home or with a dog sitter, then there are other ways to include them in your day. Why not name your tables after them, display photos or incorporate them into your cake topper?

There are more and more dog care companies offering a ‘wedding dog’ service, where dog walkers chaperone your dog to your wedding, stay whilst they partake in photos and then take them off again. Please get in touch if you would like contact details.

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Please note that we do not allow pets in our onsite accommodation, and your guests are not permitted to bring their pets along to your wedding.