Lucy and Chris’ Pinterest Worthy August Wedding

Lucy and Chris’ Pinterest Worthy August Wedding

Many of our 2021 and 2022 couples came to Thirsk Lodge Barns after COVID restrictions meant they had to cancel their plans elsewhere, and Lucy and Chris were no exception. Having uncertainty around your wedding plans is incredibly stressful, however Lucy and Chris found a silver lining…

We actually had a different venue and had to cancel because of COVID. We had originally booked a hotel wedding, but when we found Thirsk Lodge Barns we found it gave us so many more options. The space was bigger and more flexible. We made a book full of sketches of where we might put everything so we could see what different arrangements would look like. Our tip for planning things well is to choose what you want on your wedding day, pick the suppliers and décor that you love and will make you happy!

After viewing the venue whilst it was still in construction, Lucy and Chris decided it was the one.

We only made it into the bar area (which was still a building site) and Lucy had already decided she loved it. We hadn’t seen the ceremony room, dining room, entrance or courtyard by the time it was decided!

We booked so early, before the floors were even down, but we could see how fantastic the space was going to be. For us it was exciting watching it come together in exactly the way we would have done it ourselves if it was ours.

As you can see from their gorgeous styling, Lucy and Chris spent a lot of time planning all the small details of their wedding. Being able to come to Thirsk Lodge Barns the day before their wedding was really important to them so they could see their vision come together.

Lucy and Chris booked an array of wonderful suppliers to help create the day they envisioned, sourcing them through wedding fairs, recommendations and online searching. They initially found the thought of looking for their own caterer daunting, however ended up loving that they could pick a menu that suited them and added another personal touch to their day.

Andrew (24 live) who played at our reception was a recommendation from one of our bridesmaids. We booked him before actually seeing him play live, thankfully we saw he was at a local wedding fair, so we went along and loved his music!

We found Charlotte Eve online and loved her photos! We hadn’t realised that she had already taken photos of the venue for Thirsk Lodge Barns, but this was so useful. Having a photographer who knew the venue so well was a huge help. She knew where the light was going to be and knew which spaces made for fantastic photos. 

A lot of our invites and the decor we used around the venue were bought online and adapted to suit our taste. Our invites were bought online and we added a ribbon and wax seal to make it ours. We loved our pink mirror welcome sign, drinks stirrers and custom napkins, none of them are expensive but are lovely little touches on the day!

When asked what their advice for upcoming couples would be, Lucy and Chris suggest enjoying your day and to try to take some time for yourselves. The speeches were their favourite part of the day, especially seeing their loved ones faces as Lucy did a bride’s speech. Lucy has shared the following advice for anyone wanting to do the same…

Brides,  have the confidence to do a speech; even if it is just a couple of words to say thank you. The day is about both of you so you should both get your time to say a few words, it’s not traditional but your guests will love it!

Lucy and Chris came up against a few challenges whilst planning, including their band cancelling the day before, however they took the issues in their stride to make the most of their experience and to prevent anything spoiling the day they had spent so long planning and looking forward to!

We think you’ll all agree this gorgeous wedding was ‘Pinterest wedding goals’, Lucy and Chris did a beautiful job of pulling all the details together. They have left us with these incredibly kind words about Thirsk Lodge Barns and the team…

We would definitely recommend booking Thirsk Lodge Barns for your wedding. The venue is incredible and the different spaces allowed the day to flow well.

The team treated our wedding day as if it was their own. They made sure everything was going well throughout the day, and never stopped looking for things they could do to help us! 

A special thank you to Charlotte Eve Photography for sharing all of these stunning images with us. Visit Charlotte’s website here: