Tips for a stress free set up day

Tips for a stress free set up day

One of the best things about choosing Thirsk Lodge Barns as your wedding venue is that you can come the afternoon before your wedding to set up!

The earlier the better!

All our couples are able to set up from midday the day before their wedding, we recommend arriving as soon as possible to ensure there is plenty of time to get everything done and avoid a rush towards 5pm. If you finish early then there is more time to relax before the big day!

Is there anything you can do in advance?

We know that there are a million and one things to do before your big day, however a little preparation goes a long way.

If there are any tasks you can do at home in the months, weeks and days leading up to the wedding it will help you avoid any last minute stress. You may be surprised at how long tying ribbons on napkins, taking stickers off candles or jars and putting confetti into individual packets can take!

Laying place names onto the tables takes much longer than you might think! We recommend separating place names into their different tables in advance. Then get a folder for each table and place each table name or number, the correct place names and menus in each to make laying the tables much easier.

Who to bring with you…

Often family and friends are so excited for your big day that they will all want to come along to help you set up. Whilst this is super kind and you will be glad of the help, think carefully about who you would like to be there on your set up day as too many distractions might overwhelm you.

Once you have decided who will be joining you, write a list of tasks for each of them to complete. Delegation is key to a stress-free set up and a pre-designated task list prevents you from being continually asked if there’s anything they can do to help!

Where to start?

You’ve assembled your team, packed your cars full and have finally arrived at Thirsk Lodge Barns to get ready! It can all start to feel quite real once you arrive, and emotions will be running high.

Once you have unloaded all your things, our expert Wedding Coordinators will be on hand to help you throughout the day. We suggest starting in the Dining Room as couples often underestimate the time laying out place names can take.

To make this easier, or to be able to give the task to your team of helpers, ensure you have decided where guests are sitting on each table in advance, print out a table plan and have your place names organised by table as mentioned above!

Once the tables are sorted then you know how much time is left to focus on any other decor you may have.

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Are you planning on doing your own flowers?

We have so many wonderfully creative couples and couples with friends or family that are planning on doing the floristry and decor themselves. If this is something you are hoping to do yourselves then be aware of how long it might take – dressing the rings with foliage can take a good few hours!


We know it might be hard, you’ve been planning this day for months and have an image in your minds of exactly how everything should look but you can’t do everything by yourselves. Accept help from supportive family and friends, delegate tasks, let your Wedding Coordinator guide you and enjoy the excitement ahead of your special day!