5 Different ways to dress the rings in the Main Barn

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5 Different ways to dress the rings in the Main Barn

Our gorgeous old, red brick barn is used for ceremonies and is then transformed into the dance floor for the evening reception. The barn features two hanging wrought iron rings which couples are welcome to decorate however they chose, they really draw the focus to the end of the aisle and make for stunning photos!

They also provide the perfect opportunity to bring yours and your partner’s personalities into the décor. Our previous couples have been so inventive in how they have dressed the rings, so we thought we’d share some inspiration with you…


The most popular way to decorate the iron rings is by using real foliage and flowers, both of which not only look stunning but smell incredible too! Colourful or monochromatic, full, or simple, real flowers and foliage add a touch of romance to your ceremony.

Couples often hire a florist when going down this route, however if you fancy giving it a go then it is possible, however, do be prepared that it may take a lot longer than you expect. We recommend bringing a team of helpers with you on your set up day, grabbing a bottle of fizz and setting them to work!

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Faux flowers and garlands have come a long way in recent years and offer the look of real flowers and foliage without breaking the bank. Once raised up high you can barely tell the difference, and you get to keep them forever!

It is so easy to DIY the rings with faux flowers, just look at the photo above showing how one of our couples used invisible thread to create a ‘chandelier’ of flowers over them during their ceremony.

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Tying ribbons around the rings is a super simple yet effective way to decorate, and so easy to DIY!

Giving off a boho, festival style, ribbons are a great way to bring your colour scheme into your ceremony without the use of flowers, which can be costly and hard to find in certain seasons.

By varying the lengths you can create texture and depth, adding a real statement to your photos!

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If flowers or ribbons aren’t your vibe, then why not wrap some battery operated fairy lights around the rings? This not only compliments the wall of fairy lights at one end of the Main Barn but also creates a bit of sparkle above your dance floor in the evening.

This is a cost effective way to add a little something to one or both rings, and looks great in pictures. We love this option for winter weddings!

Top tip – Fairy lights are a popular choice for those who are having a church ceremony and only using the Main Barn in the evening.


If none of these options fit your wedding aesthetic, then why not leave them as they are?

When left undressed the simple black hoops give a sleek, modern look perfect for those with a more minimalistic style.

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We hope this has given you some inspiration and got your mind whirring with ideas on how to style the iron rings for your wedding! To help with your planning please note that each ring is 5m in circumference, and they do lower right down so you don’t have to climb any ladders.